Apprenticeship program

This three leveled nine month program is for people who are already practicing three principle facilitators/coaches, who would like to evolve their practice, by: 

  • Gaining a deep and embodied understanding of the three principles paradigm.  
  • Being able to share with precision and clarity the three principles to any group or population of their choosing
  • An option of business mentoring with a one to one tutor to help market their business, create clients and increase their visibility.


  • Maximum of 5 people
  • Access to the largest and most professionally produced video and audio resources about the single paradigm in the world
  • Get to know me, Rudi personally, through close supervision, mentoring and time generally ‘hanging out!’
  • All the training will be 100% three principles paradigm based training
  • Many other evolutionary thinkers like Tanya Kennard-Campbell, Ann Ross and pioneers Dr Keith Blevens and Valda Monroe will be delivering some training.
  • Practice facilitating, and receive invaluable feedback within a small and supportive community

The optional business mentoring 

Our social media and business entrepreneur will be with you step by step teaching you the technical skills needed to create and manage a successful business including

Using social media to attract clients and increase business Using video and webinar media to get a residual income
Guidance on website design and content
Creating social media campaigns to inform and inspire

Apprenticeship Program
    3 Options to Choose 

The Full Apprenticeship & Virtual Apprenticeship programs are limited to       a maximum of 5 spaces each.. Please pay the deposit under the program you require to reserve your place for the October start.    

Apprenticeship Program

  • 9 month program October -June
  • Monthly one to one mentoring: 6 with Rudi, and 3 with Tanya Kennard, Jenny Anderson or Ann Ross
  • Monthly 2 Hr webinar where everyone practices facilitating to the group (max 5 people)
  • Access to the worlds biggest paradigm based resources
  • Two on-line weekend courses
  • Two physical weekend courses in Colcheter U.K. (People can be live-streamed in if they can not physically attend).
  • £400 discount off the Innate Wellbeing October 5-10th retreat 
  • Six live webinars (3 with Keith and Valda, 3 with Rudi and Tanya)
  • Advanced practitioner certificate
  • Access to a webinar account to practice facilitating or just connecting with one another (student lead)
  • Feedback on teaching style, advice on working with clients on a one to one bases and working with different populations, and role plays to specific populations
  • Co-facilitate with Rudi on some physical weekend course
Deposit £450
Full Price £4995 - Deposit £450

If you are interested in this program please email


Virtual Apprenticeship

  • Access to paradigm based resources
  • Two on-line weekend courses 
  • Live streamed into a physical weekend course
  • Six webinars (3 with Keith and Valda, 3 with Rudi and Tanya)
  • Access to a webinar account to practice facilitating or just connecting with one another (student lead)
Deposit £450
Please note that deposit is non-refundable 
Full Price £2550 - Deposit £450

Apprenticeship Auditing

  • Access to paradigm resources
  • View the recordings of the two weekend courses
  • View the recording of the two physical weekend courses
  • View the recordings of six webinars ( 3 with Keith and Valda, two with Rudi and Tanya)
Full Price £995


Preferably applicants would have completed a facilitator/trainer programme with some exposure to the three principles being taught as a paradigm. Whilst a background knowledge of the paradigm would be helpful, if this is not the case possible applicants can be sent relevant resources before the commencement of the training.

The training commences in October 2017

We offer 9 and 6 month payment plans, so please get in contact if you are interested in joining us.

To apply for the apprenticeship program, please complete the answer form :

Question 1:
Please let me know what previous training/s or experience you have had in the three principles

Question 2:
Have you had any exposure to the three principles taught as a paradigm, if so what?

Answer Form

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