Date : 15th October 2017
Time : 10:00am - 5pm
Venue: Four Seasons Hotel, Hamilton Pl, Park Ln, Mayfair, London W1J 7DR
Who is the course for?
This course is suitable for anyone wishing to perform better within their sport, in the board room or for people who are studying the three principles paradigm and would like to uncover more clarity and embodiment as facilitators.

We look forward to a rewarding day!

The Art of Performance Coaching

In this day-long program, Rudi Kennard and Garret Kramer will take you and the group on a journey from the foundation of their work (the inside-out paradigm), to how this paradigm is shared, without compromise, with some of the most triumphant athletes, performers, and organizations in the world. The program will reveal little known tricks of the trade, guaranteed to activate your own intuitive ability to share this paradigm with others.

Some of the topics covered are:
  • The surprising truth of ‘what to do’ if you are underperforming 
  • Beyond 'mind-set' to 'un-setting' the mind for achievement
  • The single paradigm, or constant behind the human operating system
  • The spiritual nature of the game of life
  • Getting more done in less time
  • Working smarter and not harder
  • The source of creativity and genius

Garet Kramer
Garret Kramer is the founder of Inner Sports. He has provided mental conditioning, performance consulting, workshops, and crisis management to hundreds of athletes, coaches, and business leaders; from well-known professionals, Olympians, and teams, to collegiate players across a multitude of sports. Credited with bringing the principles of Mind, Consciousness, and Thought—and the Inside-Out Paradigm—to the athletic community at large, Garret’s work has been featured in the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, Sports Illustrated, and Forbes; and he has appeared on ESPN, FOX, NPR, WFAN, and The Golf Channel. He is the author of two books, Stillpower: Excellence with Ease in Sports and Life, and The Path of No Resistance: Why Overcoming is Simpler than You Think.

Rudi Kennard is currently a director of two companies and co-creator of the ‘realising resilience’ conference and the ‘’ on-line resource. He came across a principle based approach thirteen years ago and had the honour of learning from the originator Sydney Banks and it's pioneer Dr Roger Mills.
Rudi used to be an athlete and trained as a sports scientist and personal trainer before realising that no matter what an sports persons physical abilities were like, athletic performance was more of a 'mind game’. 
Rudi has given trainings in over a dozen countries and worked with populations as diverse as jail in-mates, Nepali school children, corporate executives and recovering substance abuse users. He now trains people who are already facilitating a principle based approach via his companies and
Date: 5th -10th October 2017
Venue: Stoke by Nayland Hotel, Golf and Spa, Keepers Lane, Leavenheath, Colchester, Essex, CO6 4PZ

Shared lodge room (on-site) £830
Retreat Day Guest £545 (excluding accommodation)

Immersion Retreat 

A five day residential (or attend as a day guest) dive into the three principles paradigm in beautiful countryside lodges, close to nature and with access to a gym, pool, Jacuzzi, sauna and an award winning restaurant! Join Rudi Kennard and Jenny Anderson on this awesomely transformation retreat experience. 

Virtual Conference ‘Realising Resilience’

Attend the first fully virtual three principles paradigm conference! This weekend followed by an optional two day workshop schedule has best selling authors and resilience specialists from all over the world sharing a single constant behind what creates and sustains resilience 

‘being able to bounce back from adversity and not being bound by the past.’

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Date: Sunday, 19th November 2017
Venue: Leigh on Sea, Essex


Unconditional Freedom

During this one day event we will explore what unconditional freedom really means.  Where is freedom?  Does it exist in the world in which we live?
If so where?

Using their understanding of the principles paragdigm Rudi Kennard and Samantha Hurst will explore the truth behind the human experience.  You will see the truth of how we experience the world in which we live and uncover the innate wellbeing that resides within everyone.  We will be exploring what unconditional freedom means when seen through the eyes of The Three Principles/Single Paradigm.
There are many implications for our lives when we see the truth of the human experience including clarity of mind,  freedom from thought and a deeper understanding of how life really works.  When we see where our experience is coming from then old self limiting beliefs tend to fall away leaving us with a new peace of mind.
This one day event is for you if you would you like :

 • To free your mind of old fears and insecurities.
 • Uncover a new freedom of mind where anything is possible and begin to see the simple everyday joys in life that can pass us by.

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Date : 30th November, 1st & 2nd December 2017
Rudi Kennard 
Terry & Brian Rubbenstein

Three Principles Paradigm Retreat

More details soon available  
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